Soddisfatto o… soddisfatto

La Mediterranea, thanks to its fleet of cars with preheated ovens, GUARANTEES the delivery of your pizza


The offer (effective in Formigine only) works this way: there is a delay in our delivery? Just send an email to to get a VOUCHER  for an amount of 2,00 Euro for each purchased pizza (or for every “1/2 metro”).


The voucher can be used for your next pizza to be delivered to your doorstep, or enjoyed directly in Formigine,  by the date indicated on the voucher.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

40 minutes Guarantee will not apply in case of errors in the address or in the information transmitted (wrong address, different surname on doorbell,  etc.).

In case of deliveries in places like hospitals, schools, office buildings or residential complexes, delivery in 40 minutes is calculated on arrival at the reception or at the entrance of the complex.

Pizzeria La Mediterranea reserves the right not to guarantee the “40min delivery” at its discretion, at any time and for any reason including bad weather, technical problems or orders that require a too long preparation time.